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Be honest, have you ever searched the internet looking for the answer to the question, “How to enlarge my penis”? Because let me be the first one to tell you that you are not the only one asking this question!

In fact, a recent study done in 2014 stated that despite perceiving their penis to be of normal size, a significant percentage of men still show a dissatisfaction with their penile size.

All men know the size of their penis, but only a small percentage of men are satisfied with their measurements. In fact, many of these unsatisfied men are the same men that have above-average sized penises! Take a look at the “How to Enlarge my Penis” tips below and get a bigger dick today!

Do you have any “how to enlarge my penis” tips that you know that you’d like to share?

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How To Enlarge My Penis

The following “how to enlarge my penis” tips are proven to help increase the size of your penis, your sexual performance, your self esteem, and/or your overall health.

  • Workout More Frequently – While working out will not actually help enlarge your penis, shredding your extra belly fat will help uncover the base of penis, which will make it more visible and ready for deeper penetration.
  • Cut Down On Smoking – The puffing caused from smoking constricts blood vessels which ultimately cuts down the blood flow to the penis (and other parts of the body). Smoking is awful for many other reasons as well, but I’ll save my thoughts on that subject for another day.
  • Try Some Of Our Penis Exercises For Girth And Length – The penis exercises for girth and length displayed on this page will help increase the size of your penis by up to 3/4 inches if you dedicate just a few minutes of your time each day.
  • Shave More Often – Similar to the effects of working out, simply shaving your pubic hairs will make your penis appear to be larger. If you’ve watched the movie Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, you probably know this already though [Source for those who haven’t watched the movie before; Warning NSFW].
  • Try A Cock Ring – Cock rings boost your erection by trapping blood flow in where it most matters while restricting any blood to flow out. Side note, doctors advice cock ring users to never use the device for longer than 20 minutes at a time! If you want to learn more about the cock ring that I recommend, click here.
  • Try A Penis Pump – Like a cock ring, a pump can momentarily increase the size of your johnson by up to a couple inches. Stick your penis into the vacuum chamber and let the penis pump do the rest. By vacuuming out all of the air, blood will rush to your tip and cause you to have an erection like a third arm.  Click here and read our full guide to penis pumping. Or you can click here to learn more about my most trusted penis pump.


Our “How To Enlarge My Penis” Myths

There are many scam review websites on the internet that will say anything in order to make a quick dollar.

Below are just a few “how to enlarge my penis” tips that I have heard over the years that are simply untrue.

Have you come across any “how to enlarge my penis” myths? Warn everyone in the comment section below!

  • Steroid Use Can Help Enlarge Your Penis Size – For some stupid reason, people think that injecting your penis with steroids can help enlarge it. Not only will you most likely incur incredibly painful side effects, but penis-steroid use may cause the exact opposite result – a small, shriveled penis. There are a few injection methods that will accomplish what you are asking, but almost all would require a doctors prescription. For a list of non prescription erectile dysfunction treatments, read this article I published.
  • Penis Enlargement In Minutes / Quick Fixes – If you ever see a “how to enlarge my penis size” sales pitch promising instantaneous results, you will most certainly be disappointed with the results. But they offered a money back guarantee!? Yeah, you probably won’t get that back either. When building muscle, overnight results are rarely going to happen, whether you are training biceps, legs, or your penis.
  •  Penis Exercises Are Dangerous – Like most exercises, penis exercises are healthy if done correctly. And that is just the problem – many men are given false penis exercise advice/tips/recommendations and, as a result, over-train their penis. If you are curious about this topic and would like to read more, you can view our safe and healthy penis exercises guide and get on the right track today!


Our “How To Enlarge My Penis” Facts

Here is my list of penis enlargement facts that all men should know about.

  • Erection Drugs Are Only A “Quick Fix” – Many believe that by taking a supplement such as Viagra or Cialis that they’ll be cured for erectile dysfunction. Why you ask? Because thats what those Viagra commercials tell you! This however, is phony. Once you stop taking Viagra, Cialis, or any other generic Viagra knock-off, you will once again begin to suffer from erectile dysfunction. For long-term help make sure you consult with your physician, check out our list of penis exercises for girth and length, make appropriate changes to your diet, and get it in tonight.


Surgery To Enlarge Penis?

Undergoing surgery to enlarge penis girth and length is another option for men looking for answers to the question, “How to enlarge my penis?”

But while surgery to enlarge penis girth and length may work for many, I only suggest surgery to enlarge penis girth and length as a “last resort”. But to be honest, I cannot speak from experience on the matter.

Surgery of any kind scares the living hell out of me, let alone surgery to my downstairs neighbor.

In short, I believe there are many other safer (and cheaper) penis enlargement methods out there.

If you are curious, take a look at my penis exercise program and my complete penis pumping guide.

I even made a list of non prescription Viagra alternatives that you may be interested in.

And then if you are still not convinced, read about the penis enlargement before and after study I conducted a few years ago.


How To Enlarge My Penis – Other Helpful Links

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